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Confessions of a Hot July Dumpster

 Deodorizer & Redemption

My name is Dumpster Diva, I'm a hot mess I am here to tell you being dirty is no way to live ...
Dumpster Deodorizer & the Clean Life

My name is Dumpster Diva, I’m a hot mess

 I am here to tell you being dirty is no way to live …

Don’t Turn Away, Look at Me … I Mean, Really Look

I’m the dumpster behind the exclusive resort, stadium, five-star restaurant, Church Cathedral, hotel, condominium & retirement community, health facility, beach or stadium, anywhere people gather, vacation or celebrate – I am there. Maybe you don’t see me. I am designed to be well hidden for the most part, down an alley, behind gates, behind an enclosure or in an indoor collection area. But you see, dumpster gals like me, our presence will be known. Just take a whiff of the air, and that’s not trash talk, because, you know, it’s a very hot summer & I am the perfect Petrie dish for all things foul. Combine that with a downwind breeze – watch out, hold your nose! I confess, it’s quite a thrill to see how people react to me, but I wonder, what would it be like to be fresh and clean?

Why, Why, Why Do I Stink So Bad?

I’m big. I’m bad. I stink. Trash, garbage, rubbish, old food, nappies, unmentionables, waste of every sort … don’t ask, that’s my life. On a hot July summer day, it’s the worst ever, it’s not just me and my trashy garbage, it is so much more than that. You see, heat is bacteria’s best friend. The combination of heat and humidity allow bacteria to grow faster and smells to travel further. Higher temperatures mean molecules move faster with the cause and effect of enzymes speeding up metabolism. On these hot sultry days, my odor becomes the most powerful as water in the air causes my odor to dissolve and stay trapped longer than on a dry day, or as I like to call it, a perfect stink storm. On a perfect day when a strong downwind catches my vibe, my odor can travel for miles. Think you’re safe indoors? Think again.

The Down & Dirty, Nitty Gritty Facts

of the Dumpster Dynamic

Reacting to the smells generated by the composition of trash with inferior products is an exercise in futility. Using products that promise to mask or hide the odor is the worst idea yet. It doesn’t work, now you’ve added a melon mango concoction and a new cacophony of odors to the mix. The elimination and root cause of really bad and offensive odor has not been addressed. It takes more than a perfume of chemicals to eliminate odor, it requires a proper scientific answer. Certain bacteria require oxygen to create proteins while other bacteria do not. Bacteria that do not require oxygen feed on organic matter in garbage to breed – therein lies the problem of smell, a really bad smell.

Research studies show that this bacteria’s growth produces a variety of unhealthy compounds that cause offensive trash odors. As an example, rotten eggs (hydrogen-sulfide), spoiled milk (methyl amines), and the oh so lovely “dog do” baggies (indole amines) are typical combinations that turn summer fun by the seaside into an episode of “Attack of the Killer Tomatoes”. Kill the bacteria, kill the odor. For good!

And Another Thing about Life as a Dumpster

Did you know that foul odors emitted from rotting garbage is a pest attractant? Yeah, you probably knew that, right? Besides my smelly life, I haven’t even mentioned the pests, rodents, and the gazillion bugs that like to hang out with me. Oh criminy, you should see the tourists and residents freak out! (I know, that’s not funny.) Anyway, that’s another reason why odor prevention and elimination is an essential fact of life. By the way, pests and the nasty little diseases they may transmit are a scourge to humanity. I say, evict them! Masking the odor will never be a viable solution, write that down.

Can I, a Despicable Dirty Dumpster, Be Saved?

The answer is yes. The manager of my building, and my savior, uses one simple product. Dumpster Deodorizer. It’s simple, clean, fresh, cost effective and efficient. My amazing & brilliant manager has saved me from a filthy, dirty rotten life and I am thankful. Here’s what is amusing to me. The people who walk right by me, they have no idea I have been saved. They have been saved too, if they only knew. My guy uses Citro-Fresh Dumpster Deodorizer, and here’s the 411: Citro-Fresh is a patented odor neutralizer with natural citronella oil that eliminates odors at their source and also repels flying insects. It’s composed of all natural granules that absorb liquids in dumpsters or any waste receptacle that cause offensive odors. The air is fresh, at last, and no more noxious malodors!

There are a bevy of equally effective products on the Sani-Chem Cleaning Supplies website. These products make my head spin, but you should check them out, most are featured on the front page of the site, so you won’t have to go searching. Some of the products feature virucidal properties that are effective against pathogenic and odor-causing bacteria: Proteus  vulgaris, Pseudomonas putrefaciens, Serratia  odorifera, Staphylococcus aureus and Salmon to name a few. But, maybe you want to learn a little more about how these miracle products work. Why not call? Here’s their number: 800.983.8280.

Garbage is Not a Bed of Flowers & What You Can do to Change it
Because Garbage

So, I’ll See Ya Around

This is the redemption part. I am saved and I feel great! Next time you see a dumpster, think of me, will you? Maybe you can save a brother or sister suffering in the heat. I’ve heard that next time, my Sani-Chem friends are going to share the 411 on defending trash chutes and indoor trash & garbage areas. If you’re anywhere near Clearwater, Florida ask about getting a free consultation and demonstration…or so, I have heard. Good news travels fast, as they say.

Ciao, bella!

We are honored to help dumpsters gain redemption since 1976!   

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