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These Seniors Want to Fight for their Right to Party!

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Commando Clean – Bring It!

Seniors Going Viral For ‘Beastie Boys’ Parody Skit – Belvedere Assisted Living of Westlake – Westlake, Ohio – Hilarious!

Beyond Bingo

You’ve got to love seniors who never lose their grit, style & humor, right? More than 10,000 people turn 65 every day, let’s hope they’re all as fun as this group! Boomers are redefining the face of senior living with their optimistic outlook, humor, and resilience. Demand for high-quality assisted living options is changing the retirement home concept. Beyond bingo, boomers have the resources and numbers to maintain their individuality as retirement home amenities like private suites, ocean view balconies, room service and acupuncture treatments are becoming the norm.

Commando Cleaning

With that comes the responsibility of ensuring that their new home environment is absolutely, positively brilliant and pristine clean. Commando cleaning is no longer just a concept as boomers will have their way.

Independent contractors and maintenance directors should have a full-on, tangible laundry list of products and equipment to address the never ending cleaning needs of the community. With a 24/7 schedule that knows no holidays, an arsenal of products must be on hand at all times for the smooth operation and cleanliness performance of retirement and senior homes. These communities are also unique in that they are typically host to infectious diseases, germs, and bacteria that are usually not encountered in other types of cleaning situations. Nothing less than a Commando Cleaning mentality and plan of action will do.

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Don’t Miss the Boat

Here’s What You Need to Run a Clean, Tight Ship

All Purpose Cleaners – Multi-purpose cleaners are used on most surfaces and there are no standard set of ingredients. Typically they act as a disinfectant, detergent, degreaser, and solvent. For retirement communities and assisted living facilities, choices may be made predicated on resident preferences for green, biodegradable products or for the more serious environments, products that offer bactericidal, fungicidal, and virucidal characteristics.

Rubber & Vinyl Gloves – For every job, a particular type of glove should be used. While serious cleaning with disinfectants, sanitizers, and solvents require heavier multi-use gloves, disposable gloves are obviously used for easy, quick, light cleaning jobs. It is advisable to follow manufacturers directives for all cleaners.

Bath Tissue – There can never be enough. Stock up and never let the utility closet run dry. Bath tissue is one of the more noticeable inventory items to create unmitigated havoc when the cupboard is bare. On a side note, buy something decent, the residents deserve a little tp ltc (toilet paper tender loving care).

Bathroom Cleaner – Because every resident has their own bathroom, in addition to restrooms that are available in common areas, the necessity of having product on hand to clean hundreds of bathrooms is not an exaggeration. Commando clean commodity, right up there with bath tissue.

Brooms – Never underestimate the utilitarian power & unrivaled simplicity of the broom. Outdoor push brooms, flag tipped lobby brooms, smooth sweep angled brooms, street brooms, indoor push brooms, landscaper’s upright broom, squeegee push brooms are some examples of what is needed on a daily basis. Assess the configuration and logistics of the community to have them at the ready at all times, along with dustpans.

Hand Soap & Hand Sanitizer – The maintenance staff can actually control the spread of infectious diseases by making sure hand soap and sanitizer is available and full at all times. Hand washing is the single most effective way to prevent the spread of contagious diseases as 80% of all infectious diseases are transmitted by touch. Imagine that!

Odor Control Products – Odor control is the highest priority in a senior living community. The nature of what is needed on a daily basis to keep the environment odor free can seem impossible. But, it’s not. Rooms must have personal trash & trash bags removed three times a day. Common areas are also subject to “accidents” of a personal nature and appropriate products must be used to address and eliminate the source of the problem. Odor eliminating products followed up with metered fragrance is a best practice to keep interior air clean and fresh.

Paper Towels & Dispensers – For every type of paper towel & dispenser need, there is an option that fits. Nonperforated, high capacity, sofPull center-pull, hard roll, c-fold, multi-fold, mini-c-fold, wipers, jumbo & kitchen rolls are some options. At the end of the day, it’s a matter of personal, aesthetic, or practical choice. It’s worthwhile to study the features and benefits of top selling products – what may seem economical can prove to be pricey over time. Higher end products tend to be more durable with less waste saving money over time.

Trash CansTrash Can Liners – Check the census to get an idea on resident population status. This will help in determining how many and what type of waste receptacles are needed. Resident’s rooms & bathrooms, common areas, community bathrooms, nurse’s stations, activities room, kitchens & dining rooms, mail room, recreational areas & decks, entrance ways, campus areas, parking lots, recycling, med centers & rehab, hairdresser … there is no end to the constant need to stay a step ahead of waste and trash removal. Trash bins and liners of every shape and description are needed, must be readily available and clean. Contaminants can easily be spread without proper receptacles, care & removal. Be diligent on this, like the commando that you are.

Professional Floor and Maintenance Equipment – It is not unusual for the maintenance crew to rent floor cleaning machines or extractor vacuums to manage some of the particular challenges unique to assisted living facilities and retirement homes. In fact, the percentage of (personal hygiene) events that create this need takes place daily, if not hourly. The need to address the problem is immediate. It does not make sense to rent equipment especially as time is of the essence. It would be wise to have the Executive Director budget for a professional floor cleaning machine which will not only save money, but increase the viability for new residents to join the community after an initial tour. A professional grade HEPA filter vacuum cleaning system is also vital to the community for obvious reasons.

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May You Stay Forever Young

With 3,089 licensed Assisted Living Facilities in Florida alone representing approximately 92,000 beds, it’s clear that maintenance, upkeep, and cleaning protocols are serious business requiring a commando approach to keep seniors safe, healthy and happy. While baby boomers can’t be offered a one-size-fits-all retirement living solution, and though they may keep fighting for their right to party and jive to the Beastie Boys – a one size fits all cleaning protocol program is always spot on.

They will never even think about what goes on behind the scenes to keep their world clean. They’ll be busy playing twister and making plans to visit the Hardrock Casino. Perfect.

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