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Ditch the Mop & Bucket …

It seems like it’s always time to clean the floor, right? How much time do you allocate? Hourly, daily, weekly? More or less? And if there was a better, faster, more efficient method of making sure that the main area of your business, home or organization was clean, would you do it?

Maybe ditch the mop and bucket? Not there’s anything wrong with that. But …

Be Pragmatic

If you’re a professional, floor cleaning is a huge part of your business. If you’re using outdated cleaning methods it might be time to look at your business plan with new eyes.

Alternatively, if you are a business that is contracting with a cleaning company that is swishing around water and soap in high traffic large areas, you might want to check into that. Ultimately this method could impact your bottom line. Not in a good way.

 Floor Stories

Keeping floors clean in large or high traffic areas, schools, hospitals, warehouses, department, and grocery stores is integral to the safety and success of your organization.

Mopping these high traffic areas leave surfaces wet and dangerous. In addition to being dangerous, mop hand washing is often inefficient.

If a cleaning professional is diligent, countless trips must be made to change the cleaning solution ensuring a fresh solution is actually cleaning the area and not spreading around dirty wash water.

Hours add up quickly as each trip is made. Typically there’s not even enough cleaning staff on hand assure to that all floors will actually get cleaned within a shift.

The Nature of the Beast

Maintaining commercial floors is challenging simply due to traffic and volume. Floors most always receive the most battering, wear, and tear.

The importance of commercial floor care runs deep. Not only do floors need maintenance for general housekeeping reasons, but maybe more importantly for safety reasons.

Slip & Fall

Slip and fall incidents are the number one cause of accidents in hotels and restaurants, with 70% occurring on flat and level surfaces. Add to that a wet surface? It’s safe to imagine that the 70% figure will increase exponentially.

Step on a Dollar

Don’t step on a dollar to pick up a dime. Investing in floor cleaning equipment makes sense and is a smart business move. The risk of injury and bodily harm outweighs the expense and investment of state of the art cleaning equipment.

At the end of the day, its simple logic. So consider floor cleaning alternatives.

Brass Tacks

Naturally, a  floor scrubbing machine is a practical choice with many options and price points. A floor scrubbing machine gets the job done faster and better with drying times that are usually simultaneous with the pass of the machine.

Many automatic floor scrubbers including the Clarke 14″ Vantage Battery Autoscrubber use rechargeable batteries to power the unit instead of power cords. Battery run time varies, but most jobs can be completed within the runtime of a fully charged battery.

Floor Machine Features & Benefits

Common features of an automatic floor scrubber include an easily accessible tank location, vacuum water suction, and a rear-trailing squeegee to dry the floor. The batteries, tanks, and other motor components are housed in a heavy-duty plastic cover which is easy to maintain and protects the internal components.

Solution and recovery tanks are almost always located on top for easy filling or disposal while being large enough to minimize refill times and dirty solution disposal.

Floor scrubber brushes clean the floor while the machine dispenses the cleaning solution. The vacuum simultaneously sucks up the solution into the recovery tank. The squeegee prevents additional water on the floor.

Floor machines are quiet and easy as they are operable by use of a user-friendly control panel.

Rethinking Clean & Floor Cleaning Machines

To conclude, rethink the mop and bucket. In the long run, cutting corners could cost you big. If you are a company or organization that hires professional cleaners, ask if they are able to utilize a floor cleaning machine to keep your floors clean and dry.

Hello! Cleaning professionals invest in a floor cleaning machine!

But, the cost, right? If the cost of the machine is out of reach, investigate a lease to own option. Many cleaning supply companies offer options.

Show & Tell

Clarke Equipment is known as an industry leader in new product innovation and development. The company has a long history and entrepreneurial spirit of innovation, productivity, durability, ergonomics, and operator safety. Sani-Chem proudly carries Clarke floor care machines.

Clarke’s YouTube video below illustrates the technology, ease of use, durability and professional quality of the CA30 17E AutoScrubber. Contact us if you are interested in this machine or another like it.

Talk to a Sani-Chem Cleaning Supplies expert to discuss options and an analysis of your specific requirements or needs.

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