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With an uptick in gym memberships and an influx of people visiting the gym as the new year unfolds, it’s important to be aware of your surroundings.

Gyms can be hotspots for germs and various types of bacteria. So whether you work out at the gym or run the gym maintenance program, it’s good to be aware, know what to expect and how to plan.

So be clean minded & vigilant about the state of the equipment and your surroundings.

Gym Dedication

Dedicated efforts in keeping a gym or fitness center clean and sanitized is critical to fighting public enemy number one, the flu!

More people going to the gym, sharing equipment, air, and space during flu season is a recipe for disaster. But, it doesn’t have to be. It just takes a plan, knowledge, implementation, and consistency.

Oh, and great cleaning supplies and products too.

Be in the Know

Consider a study conducted by which reveals some pretty startling statistics:

  • An average treadmill, exercise bike, and free weight are teeming with germs, more than 1 million per square inch apiece;
  • The average exercise bike holds 39 times more bacteria than a cafeteria tray;
  • Typical free weights have 362 times more germs than a toilet seat, &
  • Your treadmill averages 74 times more bacteria than a typical public bathroom faucet.


Don’t Panic

Germs are everywhere after all. It’s just a matter of being aware, having a plan and sticking to it.

Thoughtful cleaning protocols at the gym just make sense, from a health as well as a monetary perspective. Members who catch something like a flu bug at the gym won’t be working out, right?

Ultimately, if the facility is perceived as a “sick building” memberships could dwindle resulting in a downward trend in profitability.

Be Logical

Proper education, a consistent cleaning plan, and attuned staff working together will pretty much guarantee a safe, clean and germ-free environment. Educating and encouraging gym users to also keep equipment clean and wiped down before and after use doesn’t hurt either.

If everyone pitches in, it is always a win-win situation, to be sure.

Beautiful Hands are Clean Hands

And of course, the availability of hand sanitizer throughout the facility always encourages good hand hygiene for everyone. Big points for hand sanitizer being within easy reach.

Do These Things, Please

Just Wash your Hands

Nosocomial infections cost at least 28 billion dollars a year according to the CDC (Center for Disease Control & Prevention). With proper infection control measures, at least 7 billion of this is preventable.

Studies show that a large percentage of these infections come from improper hand hygiene.

So, keep these figures in mind and make sure proper hand hygiene requirements are in place at the gym, whether you are a member or a manager.

Hand hygiene along with efficient cleaning and surface disinfection assists in decreasing the spread of infections like a common cold, Norovirus, or influenza.

Take a Breath

Odor matters. Cleanliness is the most important factor when choosing a gym or health club according to 90% of customers. Studies also show that those within the building associate malodors with an unclean facility.

Offensive odors can enter the environment in a public facility at all times of the day. Although sometimes challenging, a dedication to controlling odor is critical. It’s only your reputation, after all.

The John

Again, in a poll, over 90% of customers say that unclean restrooms and unpleasant odors negatively impact their perception of the business.

Remember, restroom care and cleanliness is of the highest importance, always. More than any other area, restrooms require specialized cleaning, products, and maintenance in order to kill germs and eliminate odors. Toilet and urinal deodorizers are essential elements that quickly and easily address the source!

Get Smart

Employee training and a documented cleaning program are critical in keeping facilities clean and safe. The fitness industry has traditionally shown a high employee turnover rate. This is why it’s ever so important to stay on top of training and compliance.

Spartan Chemical has developed a cloud-based cleaning management software system that provides an integrated system and a variety of modules to improve the workloading, quality assurance and documentation of cleaning operations.

It’s an investment worth its weight in gold, especially in high turnover employee environments.

Next Time

Look for “hot spot” gym spot cleaning recommendations in our next blog. In the meantime, visit us for the cleaning products, supplies, sanitizer and disinfectants designed for keeping a clean life alive and well at the gym.

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