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Measurable Values of a Clean Office Space

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Clean Theme for 2018

The Office …

So, you think the idea of a clean office is just an aesthetically pleasing necessity of your maintenance program? Think again.

It’s a new year. It’s a time to look at everything in a whole new way. It’s time to look closely at costs, profitability, and your bottom line. First up, the cleaning budget.

What do you actually get out of it? Sure, the office is clean and tidy, but is it worth it?

What You Don’t See

So, here’s the thing, what you don’t know, what you can’t see is what matters. There is more to professional cleaning than meets the eye.

Maybe the parking lot needs new striping. Painting new lines, although nice, will not affect your bottom line, so be practical and consider some of the measurable values of a clean office.

Knowledge is power in budget negotiations for the new year, and the rest of the year.

Just the Facts

If you think cleaning protocols in your facility, school or office is just window dressing, consider this:

  • a clean office results in an 80% reduction of employees catching a common cold or influenza;
  • a 62% reduction in virus-contaminated surfaces;
  • and a 42% decrease in absenteeism, and
  • a clean office generates a 2-8% productivity gain which equates to $125,000 in savings in a 100 associate office earning an average salary of $25,000.

And More …

  • Unplanned absences result in a 54% decrease in productivity;
  • a 39% drop in sales and customer service, and
  • the fact that 7.7 sick days per employee per year result in a loss of $225.8 billion per year.

(Check out these facts and more on the International Sanitary Supply Association, ISSA site, Value of Clean Infographic.)

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Keep 2018 Shiny & Bright

What if?

Okay, you now know why cutting corners on a good office cleaning program is a bad idea. Still, could there be a better way? A better mousetrap?

What if, the Clean Team could schedule most tasks while the office building was open and functional?

To keep costs in check, how about shifting some, if not all, of the after-hours work to the workday? This reduces the need to light and heat or cool the building for just a few workers.

Office Synchronicity

Co-exist. In this scenario, the clean team could start cleaning in the late afternoon with their hours overlapping office hours during the workday. Many tasks could be accomplished that would not interfere with regular office work.

Cleaning innovations, like back-pack vacuums, are low impact, quiet alternatives that can easily be incorporated into a cleaning program and used unobtrusively during the workday. When everyone leaves for the day, the cleaning crew can tackle the more intense jobs.


With this type of schedule, the building is still being powered after hours, but for a shorter period of time.

Knowledge is Power

Use tangible evidence to prove that investing in an exceptional cleaning program will reduce risk, promote health and have a positive impact on the bottom line.

Maintain a mindset that cleaning is an investment and not a cost. Remember cleaning protocols are as financially driven as every other department in the office, facility or organization.

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