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Butyl vs. Non-Butyl Degreaser Cleaners

Spartan Tough Duty Degreaser
Spartan Tough Duty

Butyl and Non-Butyl Degreaser Cleaners are used to quickly dissolve substances such as petroleum grease and fatty oils.  They can be used on multiple surfaces, making them great cleaners for kitchens, restaurants, garages, and bathrooms.

What’s The Difference?

Butyl degreaser is the most common water based degreaser and is best used for cleaning petroleum grease, such as motor oil.  When used on oils it disperses upon the oil, dissolving it into a liquid, making it easier to clean up.  It can be used on multiple surfaces, although it may harm some plastics if allowed to sit too long.  Butyl is organic in nature and is not required to be listed as an active ingredient in cleaning products, however, because it has been associated with similar solvents that are health hazards, some facilities require a Non-Butyl cleaner.

Spartan Tough Duty - NB
Spartan Tough Duty – NB

Non-Butyl degreaser is a high alkaline cleaner degreaser that work best on fatty oils found in restaurants and soap scum found in bathrooms. While Non-Butyl degreaser can be used on multiple surfaces, the high alkalinity can attack aluminum and soft metals if left to sit too long. They are best used on stainless steel, floors, ovens and grills.

What To Choose

If cleaning a business it is important to check which chemicals can be used. Butyl may not be allowed in many states and facilities, so its important to know before buying.  When cleaning homes it may be based on personal preference or the size of the room being cleaned.  Many Non-Butyl cleaners are low-odor making them better to clean smaller rooms, with little or no ventilation.

Whatever your cleaning needs, Sani-Chem has you covered. A variety of Butyl and Non-Butyl Cleaner Degreasers can be purchased on, and we can answer any questions you may have.


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